Use the Calendar Feature

The Calendar feature displays events in a 2-axis diagramm.

It allows the user to see what events are taking place at the same time so she/he can decide what event she/he prefers.

Use it for tight event schedules in between 1 and max. 5 days with a lot of different events taking place at the same time in various locations.




The x-axis displayes locations.

The y-axis displays the time in hours.

The user can scroll between days by pull and relaese the y-axis.

The Calender view autoamtically scrolls to the current day and displays the current time with a red horizontal line.

The event bubbles can have different colors related to the category the event is related to.

The colors can be set in the CMS on the category edit page.



Events will only be displayed on the Calender view when system locations are related to the event.