Handle Languages (Locales)

Locales are the languages your app is potentially available in.

All your app’s locales are initially defined in the setup process in the App Manager together with a default locale.

Every user device is set in the device’s system settings to a current locale and a list of alternative locales.

The app refers to this list and displays it’s content in the current locale as long as this locale was set in the App Manager and is therefore available in the app.

If this is not the case the app will jump to the first locale on the devices locales list that is available in the app.

If there is no match it will use the default locale.

Note: iOS Apps can change their locale when the user changes the devices settings. Android Apps only initially define their locale upon installation and later do not change their locale.

Localize Buttons and UI-Texts

For every locale there is a localizations list available in the App Manager. Every item of this list can be custom translated in a custom string if desired via the Manage Meta-Data with App Manager (note: only your project lead has access to the App Manager).

IMPORTANT: locales and localization only apply to app elements (buttons, info-text of buttons, alert-tet, etc.) but NOT to content. 

Step-by-step guide for adapting localizations:

  1. open App Manager
  2. navigate to the project and select the version you want to work on (usually "next version")
  3. select "Setup"
  4. select "Localization"
  5. select the locale you want to work on e.g. "DE"
  6. search with your browser search the key you want to change
  7. add your desired translation in the overwrite field
  8. press "Save"

Changes in the localization will only be effective after a new deploy (app-version). Once you have completed all your changes request a new deploy.

Localize Content in the CMS

Content can be translated in the CMS by selecting the flag symbol in the menu-bar on top of the screen of every entries edit page.

Please make sure to save your changes before changing the language.