Import Content

INSIDE Farmework offers manual CSV-upload or automated integrations for importing content into the system.

General rules

  • NEVER import data that should not be published in the app (his also applies to categories with no children)
  • use the right formatting (UTF-8)
  • when app content is localized make sure to include localized data in the import

Editor note: TBD: handling categories in data (ILA fail)

Existing Integrations

INSIDE Framework offers the following default integrations to 3rd-party systems:


Import and export data, find furter details here:


The ngn-API delivers catalogue and optionally event and map data.

The following keys are necessary to activate an integration in a project.

Ask ngn for the following keys and state them in the beta version request:

  • CLIENT_KEY (ngn-naming: Client ID)
  • CLIENT_SECRET (ngn-naming: Secret)
  • REMOTE PROJECT ID (ngn-naming: Portalname)
  • AUTHORIZE DOMAIN (ngn-naming: Redirect-URL)

IMPORTANT: also state in the beta version request the data type that should be imported using the ngn API (exhibitors, products, categories, floorplans, events).